OWL® is a virtual reality device that shows you the future or history of a place. A new, revolutionary visual media platform, OWL® enables users to look forward or backward in time. Our customers include cities, property developers, civil engineers, museums, and other visualization professionals. The City of San Francisco used OWL® to help residents visualize and influence the future of Market Street

OWL® sets a new standard for public engagement, changing how everyday people experience project visualizations, museum exhibits, tourist attractions and historic places. Email info@owlized.com to set up a demo or learn more!




"This gadget isn’t coin-operated, and the binoculars don’t zoom in on anything in the real world. The binoculars let you see the future of the spot you’re standing on..." >>



logo-3p-huge.png"San Francisco-based startup Owlized has teamed with Autodesk to help 'bring the symphony alive' for public stakeholders and non-technical policymakers when considering infrastructure and urban design proposals." >>




"A virtual viewing device  that allows you to look into binoculars and the three Market and Mission Street options will be visualized within a comprehensive 3D model of downtown San Francisco." >>



"It’s technology that will allow people to jump into a 3D world of Market Street in the future."