Head_view02Small.pngOWL® is a location-aware virtual reality kiosk that shows visitors the future or history of a place and collects public input. A revolutionary, 360-degree audio-visual platform, OWL enables users to look forward or backward in time, respond to survey questions, and leave audio comments. Our customers include government agencies, property developers, historic sites, museums, and other public outreach and design visualization professionals.

The City of San Francisco used OWL to help residents visualize and influence the future of Market Street. FEMA is using OWLs to show a Marin County community how sea level rise will impact the surrounding area and to gather public feedback. OWLs have shown residents of Fremont, CA, the future of that city's new downtown, and Palo Alto, CA, residents the future of California Avenue.

There are unlimited ways to excite and engage the public with the OWL VR platform. 

Email info@owlized.com to set up a demo and learn more.






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