Climate Solutions


The science may be settled on climate change, but public opinion still lags dangerously behind. With the cost of upgrading global coastal infrastructure estimated at $28 trillion civic leaders must act boldly to educate the public and mobilize support for adaptation plans.

Owlized Climate Solutions provide communities a window to experience future impacts and adaptation measures, and provide a platform for the public to engage in this urgent conversation. Viewers can toggle between multiple scenarios, provide survey or audio feedback, and submit contact information to learn more. Due especially to their ability to make future abstract concepts viscerally understood and accessible for a broad public audience, recent social science research describe OWLs as a breakthrough in public climate education



“The OWLs helped overcome the psychological distance many still experience when hearing about climate change: it is something that can happen here, now, to us.”

- Dr. Susanne Moser, Stanford Research Fellow & convening lead author on a portion of the US National Climate Assessment


Owlized, along with partners including FEMA and Climate Access, have developed a replicable approach to high-impact climate change education which can be scaled to any number locations. Reach out to us here to tell us how you would like to engage your community.