Cultural Tourism


Imagine standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon, looking through an OWL, and witnessing millions of years of geologic history unfold before your eyes. Watch as a trickling stream slowly carves through the earth and forms the mighty canyon out of red rock. 

Now you're on the edge of Gettysburg battlefield, and through an OWL you look around and watch a re-enactment of that fateful day.

Never before has history been brought back so vividly. Life is short, but with the OWL, you can travel through time and live through the ages.

This July 2014, in partnership with RSA Civil, Owlized brought a historic Wine Country scene to an OWL on the bridge over the Napa River. Inside the OWL, visitors witnessed a vivid portrait of Downtown Napa as it appears 120 years ago, when steamboats paddled up and down the river, brothels lined the dirt streets, and wine grapes traveled by horse-drawn wagon. Click here to see the historic visualization (optimized for tablet or smartphone).


See how McKee Wallwork and Visit Albuquerque are using OWLs to engage audiences at far-flung locations with an immersive taste of Albuquerque tourism below.