OWL App Overview


The Owlized App provides the OWL user an immersive, 360-degree visualization experience with three modules: a Pano Viewer, Survey Tool, and Audio Recorder (for recording public comment). Each instance of the OWL App can be configured to include any combination of panos and survey questions, each driven by their respective module, and set to appear in the navigation sequence in any order. The audio recording tool can be turned on or off and placed in that sequence as well. Once properly configured, tested, and ready to deploy, it is easy to install your Owlized App on the tablet inside the OWL and launch it for public use.

The Owlized App is also automatically set to send valuable data to the cloud, including usage statistics, survey results, and support notifications if and when any software issues arise. It is therefore important to locate the OWL within range of Wi-Fi.


 OWLApp-SplashPage.jpg  OWLApp-IntroPage.jpg  OWLApp-VizPage.jpg  OWLApp-SurveyPage.jpg  OWLAudioRecord.jpg

Splash Page


Pano Viewer*

Survey Tool*

Audio Recorder


* You may include as many pano and survey pages as required and configure the navigation to flow from one to the other in any order.

Module 1: Pano Viewer


The Pano Viewer is a 360-degree visualization engine that displays spherical images created using one of a number of 3D modeling applications, including 3D Studio Max, Maya, SketchUp, and others. Instructions for outputting OWL-ready visualizations are available at owlized.com/howto.

When properly modeled, the panos inside the OWL depict the physical environment surrounding the OWL with a perfect 1:1 scale, showing users how that area may have looked historically, in the future, or even in the present under different conditions.

More information on the Pano Viewer is available at owlized.com/owl_app.

Module 2: Survey Tool 


The Survey Tool enables you to solicit public input through the OWL via a series of multiple choice questions. You may generate any number of questions and, for each question, up to 5 response options. Each survey question appears on its own page in the app’s navigation and can be placed at any point in the sequence. In order to maximize the number of responses from users, it is best to sandwich the survey questions between visualization pages so that the user is forced to respond in order to progress to the next page.

All survey data is automatically streamed to your Owlized dashboard regularly, enabling you to monitor the day-to-day results of your campaign. The raw data can also be downloaded at any time. Unless there is a strong need to collect public input, it is best to not use this module, as users may find that it interrupts their experience of the visualizations. When used correctly, however, it can be an invaluable way to collect quantitative data from a broad and diverse cross section of the public. 

Module 3: Audio Recorder


The Audio Recorder enables you to record public comments from the street. This is an extremely valuable way to collect qualitative data from the public.

Audio recordings are saved as .MP3 files and available for download via an encrypted cloud folder which you will be provided. 



The settings page enables an admin to configure the app by 1) importing visualizations, 2) adding survey questions, 3) importing audio recordings, 4) turning the audio recording module on or off, 5) configuring and Introductory page unique copy, and 5) sequence the above in a linear order that the user toggles through via the buttons in the OWL handles.

The OWL App can be bench tested on any Windows 8 or higher machine before being installed on the Windows tablet inside the OWL.


Once you have completed saved the configuration of your Owlized app, it will save those settings to the cloud. The device you used to configure the app, such as a desktop computer, will run the final version of the app. Any other device that you intend to run the app on needs to reinstall the app. This includes the tablet inside the OWL head. To install the final, configured version of your app, go the Microsoft Store, download the “Owlized” app, and log in. You will then be able to choose from any instances of the app you have saved to your account and download it to the device. If you have multiple OWLs, for example, each one may have its own version of the app, and each one will appear after login.