Owlized Wins 2015 Innovation and Technology Award

Exciting news: Owlized has won the 2015 Innovation and Technology Award from the San Leandro Chamber of Commerce! This is a highly selective award honoring the most cutting edge tech company in the city, and I am deeply honored to have been able to represent the Owlized team in receiving it.

This recognition is a testament to the divine talent, relentless grit, wild-eyed imagination, and unbridled passion that every single member of our team has brought to this project since day one. A HUGE thanks to Ron Hupp (VP Ops), Kevin Johnson (Advisor), Nate Kauffman (Accounts/Creative), Mark Chang (EE), Dante James (ME), Sedrick Bouknight (Software), Roberto Rios (Mech Design), and Randy Burton (Design Viz). Also, big thanks to our angels, who believed early in our capacity to change how humanity sees the real world through virtual reality, and to the City of San Leandro, namely Chief Innovation Officer Debbie Acosta, and our new friends at the Chamber of Commerce, particularly CEO Dave Johnson. And of course, biggest thanks of all to our customers, whose dreams and visions we've had the privilege to bring to life for the world to see!

The award itself was a gorgeously designed, one-of-a-kind sculpture laser cut by high school students in San Leandro. Can you tell what it's supposed to resemble?


Then came this: after receiving the award, we also received a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition from U.S. Congresswoman Barbara Lee, a Certificate of Recognition from the California State Assembly, and a Commendation from the Alameda Board of Supervisors.


When we moved to San Leandro from San Francisco last year in order to be a stone’s throw away from our manufacturing partners, we quickly discovered that there’s a lot more going on in this town than first meets the eye. San Leandro is rapidly becoming a maker hub, home to Type A Machines, Seeed, Phase Space, Mind 2 Matter, and dozens of other world class startups. A lot of magic is happening here, and I can't imagine having tried to do what we've done anywhere else.

Coming on the heels of Jason Calacanis and Launch Fest recognizing us as a Top 10 AR/VR Startup, this is a great start to 2016.


Join us at Launch Fest in the Demo Pit and check out the proof-of-concept 3D VR OWL we built for Mastercard. And in the meantime: don't hesitate to reach out if you have demo requests, investment questions, or opportunities to share.