Pocket OWL


Pocket OWL mobile website is designed to provide another channel for the public to engage. Similar to OWL Civic, the Pocket OWL is capable of showing before-after visualization impacts, multiple design options, and interactive features such as survey or long-form feedback. Pocket OWL also has options for gathering user contact information for future interaction, as well as an interface for users to share the experience with friends, family, and neighbors through social media.

MobileOwl2.jpg MobileOwl3.jpg

Pocket OWL can be deployed in a number of different ways:

* As stand-alone deployments where OWLs are not needed or relevant
* In parallel with OWL deployment as a means of further expanding outreach, or
* Strategically integrated with OWL deployment design, leveraging the OWL as “lead generation” for data collection and additional promotion

To see an example Pocket OWL mobile website use a smart mobile device to visit www.mobileowl.co.